Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am that Mom!

Have you ever been "that Mom"? I seem to always be "that Mom" these days.

Case in point:
During a recent visit to the Pediatrician. Nicolo had just turn two and not really talking that much but has a few small words. I get asked how much television he watches. I of course under embellished quite a bit and fudge my answer to something that sounded reasonable. While I was pretending to add up the minutes a day in my head, my oldest child is asking me to help him with a video game and the youngest...who doesn't say much is yelling "SpongeBob Square Pant" as clear as day.

Mind you they have only seen the show 3-4 times by this point (that has changed).

So my 2 year old who does not talk can say SpongeBob and I just said he hardly watches any T.V., I am "that Mom".


My husband was suppose to pick the boys up from daycare one day but was running really late. I did not have car seats for them but I could at least pick them up. I thought they could just play and run around out front while we waited. I pick them up and as we leave it starts to rain (my luck). So we pile in the car, turn on the radio and proceed to jam to the Beastie Boys. I'm talking head banging, music blaring, jumping in your seat jamming. I look up and see another parent walk by the car as we are in the midst of jamming and I get "the look". You know it, the "what in Gods name are you people doing?” look. Even funnier was that we were still jamming when she had gotten her children and was strapping them into the car; I still got "the look".
I bet when she sees me and thinks, "She that weird Mom that was jumping around in the car with her kids that one day." Yep, that me!


I went to pick up Francesco from school and in his cubby was a SpongeBob watch he got as a treasure box prize for getting his stickers all the way across on his chart. The other children start to tell me some facts about the show. On little girl tells me SpongeBob is a sponge, and she is right. Another child tells me Patrick lives under a rock, again correct. I ask "what is Patrick?" and one little boy say, a starfish, excellent. Then the little boy asks me, "What is Squidward?" I think I have my SpongeBob cast of characters pretty down packed so I say, "a squid." The little kid says to me, no he not he's an octopus. Now here is the kicker, I the grown-up precede on the say to the 4 year, "no he's not, hence the name Squidward." He of course argues with me and I stand my ground.

I am "that Mom", the one who argues with someone else's 4 year old about the species of a cartoon character.

Then come to find out:
Squidward Q. Tentacles (Rodger Bumpass) is SpongeBob and Patrick's effete cephalopod neighbor. His species is ambiguous, and has been referred to as both a squid and an octopus by the series' creators.

Last but not least:

My boys love to race, they live to run and they run to live. Everyday after school we race from the sidewalk to the van. We pick a starting point, we say ready, set, go and we are off. I do this if I am in flats or heels, with their daycare bag on my shoulder and sometimes with Nicolo on my hip. I never win, but I am okay with that. The other day this backfired a bit because as we were taking off to race another child was coming out of the building with his father (this was another little boy from Francesco's class). We start to run and he decides to join the race to his car but runs away from his father as the father is yelling at him to stop and not go toward the street.

Disclaimer: we were racing on the sidewalk and never race toward the street, the other child starting running but not the same direction we were going.

Oh course the father starts to run toward the kid who appeared to be heading toward the street (which is actually the parking lot) and he did not look happy. Then he shot me a look like, "why are you doing that?"

Now I'm "that Mom" that races her kids and causes uncontrolled behaviors in others outside the daycare. BTW- we still race, I just try to make sure there are no other children nearby when we do.


  1. hahahaha, Cara - too funny! I can TOTALLY relate.

  2. See, I knew there was a darn good reason why I like you. :) I think we're all "that mom" from time to time. And I think that sometimes it's actually a good thing. :)

    By the way, Raya is 2 and a quarter and still isn't saying much. She has plenty of object words (everything from bionicle to emu) but she still isn't choosing to use a lot of verbs. I think some kids just develop at their own speed.

  3. Can totally relate. I was "that mom" last night. It just keeps things interesting.