Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team-Up Thursday - Summer

Wow, it's already Thursday and already JULY! Where in the world is this year going? Last week I was so behind that I did not get my picture to Jen till Thursday night. Talk about a slacker of a partner. No worries , Jen is always understanding. That's what I love about her!

So we picked the theme Summer and rightly so since it's in full swing. I love both of these photos for so many reasons.
1) They really say Summer to me.
2) We both have picture of of family.
3) Both of them are playing in water.
4) I like how there are orange flowers in hers and the orange raft in mine.
I could go on but you get the picture (no pun intended).


For more great diptych photography:

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  1. They do go well together. Hey, at least this week was super easy. Hopefully your week has been easier too.

  2. he is super adorable, you know that right? great summer fun from you two this week!

  3. I love them both! Perfect together :) That swimming pool looks so nice and inviting!

  4. Ha, your pool looks like our pool- filled with floaties! Perfect Summer pic.

  5. I love the bright pop and colors in your photo. And are those hostas I see peeking out at the top? Lovely diptych!

  6. ah, summer. love your pool shot, particularly with the arm floaties:). a great pair, you two!

  7. Perfect summer shots indeed -- makes me want to cool off in some water!