Thursday, May 13, 2010

Team-Up Thursday - Motion

Jen and I chose the theme motion for this week. I was excited about this since it's seems like that is all I usually capture with the boys. I had a couple of idea's of what I wanted to capture but none of them came to be. One was of the boys whizzing around in the Power-Wheels and one was of the cars coming down the hill outside our house.

The first idea was shot (no pun intended) due to the rain and the second idea I just could not make work. Then I got sick (due to my love of sushi) and was totally not in the mood to pick up the camera. If only I could have capture the room spinning motion I was experiencing, that would have been interesting.

Needless to say I have recovered, thank God, and I had to dig into my archives for this shot. I knew exactly which one I was looking for and I think the combo came out great. I remember having a swing like the one Jen's kid's are playing on, I love how she caught Harper's hair and Miller's feet in motion. They look like they are having such a fabulous time too.


Mind, like I said was from a little while back but I remember when I took it. We was coming home late one night and it had just rained. I liked the way the light of the cars and street lights reflected off the ground. I put the camera on the dash to help steady it and took a couple of shots, I like the motion in them so they were keepers. (Just so you know I was the passenger, not the driver)

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  1. I'm so sorry that you got sick. That sucks......but your diptych turned out great.

  2. They do work out so well together - I'm glad your head stopped spinning long enough to find this one! And I really love that you had to clarify that you were the passenger because, uh...yeah. I did wonder that! :-)

  3. Your photo captures motion perfectly. I love the all of the vivid colors. I bet you were excited when you loaded that one on to the computer. I am glad you are feeling better now.

  4. see, I always knew that sushi is bad stuff! yes one more reason to avoid the stuff. ;o)

    but your motion shot is awesome - no wonder you went looking thru the archives specifically for it!

  5. great your night shot!!

    and i'm very happy to hear you're feeling better :)