Friday, September 11, 2009

Finger Painting

Francesco got a finger paint set for his Birthday that he asked to use the other day. We got it all out, put the plastic apron on him, open all the colors and set him at the kitchen table. He then insisted on using the little foam roller, that came with the set, to paint with. I could not convince him to use his fingers as hard as I tried. He managed to get a small smudge on his thumb that he immediately asked me to wipe off. It kills me that he does not like to get his hands dirty.

This is his idea of finger painting.

This is the extent of pain he got on his fingers.

I tried to show him it was fun by finger painting myself. Nicolo on the other hand wanted to dive right in. I really should have put the little plastic apron on him, Francesco did not get a drop on it. It continues to amaze me that one child is so freakishly neat and the other is so not.

This is what Nicolo thought of the finger paints.

This is just a tad bit more than Francesco got on his hands (LOL).

The next day he asked to get the set out again, this time he told me not to stick my finger in the paint.


  1. I vote Nicolo the blog-baby I most want to hug to pieces! Too funny about the opposite siblings where paint is involved!

  2. It almost makes me wonder if he doesn't have some sensory issues. Then again, some people are just neat like that. And if you're neat AND that cute, I'd say he can definitely pull it off. :)

  3. I saw these on Facebook. They are so great. LOve the colors.

  4. So funny how different they are -- but great shots! I just love kids' fingerpaintings...

  5. How did Francesco's masterpieces turn out?

    I love Nicolo's he is getting away with something!

    Love it.

  6. LOL - reminds me of Bran wrapping tissues around his popsicles so he wouldn't get "sticky". Nico cracks me up... what a kid!

  7. So cute - my kids definitely don't have the "I have to be clean" thing! The other day, I gave Cole fingerpaint for the first time & he put it in his mouth, then proceeded to throw up! I usually just take their shirts off & clean up later!