Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We all survived the road trip. It took us 15 hours to get there and 13 hours to get back.

The boys did really well with the long trip. Nicolo slept most of the way and was otherwise pleasant as long as we feed him. He even seemed to enjoy some of Francesco's DVD's. Is it wrong that a 3 month old already likes the TV? Francesco hung in there even though he didn't like the fact that he couldn't lay down to sleep. Like I have said before Thank God for portable DVD's and a endless supply of Goldfish.

G did most of the driving. The few time he let me drive he couldn't deal with the kids. He claims that turning around over and over to tend to them was making him car sick. He eventually admitted that it was easier to drive than the deal with the kids and keeping them happy.

There was only 2 incidents that occurred. On the way home we ended up driving through torrential rain storms. The car hydroplaned, but luckily G was at the wheel and is a very good driver, he was able to keep control of the car. When that happen the only thing I could think of was my boys, it took a good 10 Min's for my heart rate to return to normal.

Then we were 3 hours from home and made a quick stop. We debated changing Francesco's diaper but he was happily watching a DVD and decided not to get him out of the car. Then at about 1 hour form home I was reaching in his chair to find his Binky and he was soaked. G said, "maybe he spilled his water," I checked and his water cup was full. When we did finally get home I was surprised that the diaper did not bust it was so full. Needless to say I had to remove the seat and all the covering for a good laundering.

As hard as it is to drive that far it was well worth it. We had a Family Reunion/90th Birthday Party. How many 90th Birthday Parties do you get invited to?

Nothing was better than getting to spend time with my family and my children getting to know all of their cousins. Francesco had a blast, he never once gave us an once of trouble going to sleep at night. His cousins are older than him but they all played with him and were so wonderful.

Nicolo was passed around a lot, he was the only baby and everyone was more than happy to hold, rock, feed and change him for me. He also did great sleeping and slept through the night every night we were there.

G and I also had a really great time. He gets along with my family and actually enjoys visiting with them.

So we are back, my house needs a good cleaning and I go back to work Monday.

As soon as I get situated I will post some of my pictures from the trip. Thanks for all the advise for the road trip. The Magna Doddle was a great tip.


  1. wow! sounds like a whirlwind of a trip, yet so lovely! I miss visiting with family!! We missed our family reunion this year, but most of my cousins could not make it either.

    YAY for arriving safely home!

  2. Isn't it the best when you are pleasantly surprised by your childrens' behavior? I love that. I'm glad the trip went to smoothly. :)

  3. Yay, I'm glad it went well! Welcome back!