Friday, July 25, 2008're 2years old!

July 25, 2008


It feels like 1 week ago I was talking to you in utero, a few days ago you took your 1st step and yesterday you said “Momma”. Tomorrow is your Birthday, I blinked and your turning 2.

You are intense in your emotions, persistent in you play and emphatic about your likes and dislikes. You test my patients daily and teach me how to stop and look a life. The sparkle in your eye when you are excited makes my heart grow two times it size. The proud look on your face when you complete a puzzle fills me with pride. The sound of you sweet voice when you read a story to yourself brings happy tears to my eyes.

Just a few things I have learned are…
· Throwing toys down the steps can entertain a toddler for hours.

· Food taste better if you are wearing it.

· You can clean a screen door with a bubble maker.

· Sometime you get whine with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

· Trying to change a toddler diaper is like a WWF match.

· You wave to say Bye, but you throw kisses to say Ciao! (now that's a true Italian)

· One Binky is never enough, each must have its own distinct flavor.

· Sometimes it takes 10 trips to the Thinking Chair before you really get it.

· It is okay to leave the laundry and dishes, because chalk drawings on the driveway are way more fun.

I am in such disbelief that tomorrow you turn two. I really only have one thing I can say, “I am so glad you have come!”

To the moon and back,


  1. Aww. Happy Birthday to the little, yet bigger, guy. They really do grow up much too fast.

  2. What a great tribute to your little man! So many fun time...both in the past and even more waiting for you in the future! Happy Birthday, Fransesco!

  3. Awww Happy Birthday little guy!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little man! Love the "changing a toddler us like a WWF match"....soooo true!!