Monday, May 5, 2008

What's Worse?

What is worse than you being sick?

Your children being sick.

What worse than your children being sick?

A sick husband!

When your kids are sick you give them TLC, Motrin, Fluids and their Binky. They settle down, cuddle up, watch some TV, and get some rest.

When your husband sick you try all the above, without results. Your husband won't take the medicine or won't take it as directed (and expects you to be a pharmacist and know how to dose all medications in the cabinet). He will take his temperature every 15 Min's, just so you are aware he still has a fever. He will drink coffee all day instead of the water you told him to drink. He will fall asleep in the recliner and snore after you told him 20 times to go to bed.

He will watch you struggle to tend to your 21 month old with the 3 week old in your arms. It won't even occur to him that you could use a hand (just because he sick doesn't mean the kids don't need tending to). He won't even realize that you did all the infant feeding the past two night to let him get rest and that you a extremely sleep deprived.

To top it all off I also have his mother calling me to see how he is. I have to reassure her I can take care of him as long as he listens to me (which he doesn't). She then wants to know if I need her to come home (she is out of town), as if I am not capable of tending to a sick husband. Then again maybe she should come home and I can send his sorry a** over to her house to recover. He would love that.

All I have to say is I hope the baby, Hercules, doesn't get what he has (he already has a mystery rash), I hope Bubbie doesn't go down that road either (he already had a bout of something) and I sure a hell better not get it. If I do I am going really lay it on him thick!

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  1. That is too funny! Why are guys such babies when they are sick? I will never know!