Friday, May 30, 2008

Top Ten

OK, here are the top ten reason why, I wish, I haven't been posting:

10. I've been sitting by the pool sipping fruity drinks.

9. I've been spending my days reading novels.

8. I've been shopping for shoes and clothes for myself.

7. I've been getting daily manicures/pedicures.

6. I've been going out to dinner every night.

5. I've been watching so much TV my head is spinning.

4. I've been taking long relaxing trips to the shore.

3. I've been going to the gym daily and developing Buns of Steel!

2. I've been scrap booking all of Francesco and Nicolò's baby pictures.

1. I've been sleeping for 10 straight uninterrupted hours a night.

And here are the top ten reason why I really haven't been posting.

10. 2 kids and a husband make more laundry then I ever imagined.

9. Nicolò can't decide if he wants to eat every 2 hours or 3 hours, it changes randomly.

8. Francesco thinks that when the baby isn't in my lap he should be there and sometimes it is both.

7. I've been sorting all of Francesco's old clothes for Nicolò, I hoping that they will fit him during the right season.

6. I seem to have an endless supply of dirty bottles to clean, my nails are a mess to prove it.

5. I truly haven't sleep more that 3 hours straight at a time, it is exhausting.

4. For some reason every time I pick up a room in the house when I turn around it needs to be done again.

3. I have to take an exam in Sept. to maintain a professional license and I am trying to study for that.

2. Now that is it warm and daylight longer we are spending most evenings outside.

And the number one reason why I haven't been blogging.......

1. Mia Due Bambini!

They sure are cute though!

I have been reading others blogs every chance I get, unfortunately my reader is up to 482. I think I liked the reader when it use to only say 100+, it didn't seem so daunting.


  1. oh goodness, what cute kids.
    and thanks. now i know i'll have absolutely no time at all when #2 gets here!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading this post. Having a baby is all consuming.
    I would suggest you mark everything in your Reader as "read" and start with a clean slate...I do that when I get way behind and know I will never be able to catch up.
    Hope you get some more uninterrupted sleep soon!

  3. It's totally acceptable to do life. Hit mark as read. It makes it all go away!

  4. Ooo your top reason not having time to blog ... they are so precious!!! I found those early days were so fleeting. Enjoy (even the laundry 'cause as they get bigger so does the mounds of laundry *sigh*) every moment!