Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You really shoud drink light beer.

I am still pregnant with 12 days to go. I am still working full-time so I encounter many people throughout the day. I am getting so many comments about how "pregnant" I am or look.
You know your huge when people say:
~You're still here?
~You look like your going to pop.
~You're REALLY pregnant.
~Weren't you due last week?
~Are you sure your not having twins?
~That's going to be a big baby.
And yesterday as I walked waddled to my office one of the security guards says to me..."You really should drink light beer."


  1. OOOOooo 12 days .. So exciting!

  2. Ouch. That's tough. I cannot imagine being that close to the due date & still working. You deserve big props for that.

  3. and I hope you said something profound like...

    kiss my stretch marks -- jerk!

    amazing what people say. I hope you're a better girl than I was and don't bite their heads off!