Monday, April 7, 2008

7 Days to Go!

Can you believe I only have at the least 7 more days to go!
G took this picture this morning before work, as you can see I am as big as the house!

Yesterday the baby decided to take it easy all morning to the point I was worried. I had a non-stress test and all was well. Once I was on the monitor he decided to get up for the day. Then he decided to have a party the rest of the day.

I am in the deep throws of nesting. I just feel this insatiable need to put things away and wash everything. I cleaned every washable cover for all the baby things from Bubbie. All the receiving blankets and blanket. I have even finished the baby blanket I was making for him (I stayed up one night just to finish it).

I think I am ready!

My biggest fear right now is Bubbie. He either knows something is coming or he is going through the terrible two's. Lately he has had numerous meltdowns and only wants to be held by his momma. I am so afraid he is going to feel like I left him when I am in the hospital for a few days. I know he is young and he will adjust but he is still my baby for the next 7 days.

Any good suggestion helping Bubbie feel like the big brother once the baby is here. I know he will eventually adjust, but I would love to make it easier (probably more for me).

I will keep you all updated.


  1. ohhhhhh... how exciting!

    For just a second (more like a nano-second)... I was so jealous!

    There's nothing more wonderful than seeing the miracle of a newborn in a mommy and daddy's arms...

  2. You totally look great!!! A week! WOW!
    Many positive vibes your way.