Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Finds

I am not usually one to rave about many of the products out there for kids but this weekend I found a great product for my grown-up independent toddler.

Bubbie has now refused to sit in the high-chair or the booster seat for that matter. We battle at breakfast and dinner on where he is going to sit. He wants to sit in the regular chair but has to get on his knees. He seems to be fine for a short period and then get awful fussy and won't stay int he chair. Then he wants to sit on you lap (which I do not have at the moment) so he can sit on his bottom and finish his meal.

So I was telling my sister how difficult this has been over the past week. She tells me about this "chair booster" found at my favorite store Target. So off I go and get myself a Kaboost. I love this thing. It goes under the legs of the chair, he can sit in the chair like a big kid and as he gets bigger it can get shorter to accommodate.
He is growing up so fast.
On top of this he is also sleeping in his big boy bed for the past 3 nights. Before I know he will be off to college (tears welling up as I think of this).


  1. Ooo I have seen these in stores but often wondered if they would be worth it! I am glad you found something that worked so well for your family.

  2. I'm getting that! It's perfect because with six of us, I just can't stand tripping over that highchair anymore!