Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bottle free!

I didn't want to say anything to soon, in case of jinxing myself, but Bubbie is completely bottle free!

(Balloons rising, confetti flying around, Hurray!)

With the coming of his brother in a few short weeks we decided he really needed to get off the bottle. We were down to two, one before bed and one in the middle of night b/w 1-4 am when he fussed.

We finally realized that he did not need the middle of the night bottle. He was not hungry, he eats well and gets plenty of substance throughout the day. It was more of a habit (mostly on our part than his) and we decided to break it.

That took about a week but we all persevered and made it thorough. Middle of the night bottle gone!

Then came the before bed bottle. This was a routine for him, get changed into his jammies, lay on Mom & Dad's bed and drink a nice big bottle of milk while hearing a story or song. He also knew that he was to lay down for the bottle to the point if he saw it before he was laying down he would do just that. The only issue was he did it where ever he was.

If you came walking through the dining room with the bottle and he saw you he would drop to the floor and assume the position. I could just see it, every time I go to feed the new baby a bottle Bubbie will lay down on the floor and want one too. Oh, I can't have that.

So one random night we just decided to take the bottle away, skip it. We did not even try to replace it with a sippy cup of milk (tried that before with no success and a huge tantrum). We just change the routine and cut out the bottle.

I really thought that he was going to pitch a fit, but he didn't. I almost feel like he didn't even miss it. We made sure to completely change bedtime routine. We now get change for bed in his room, read a book in his room and then he goes in the bed.

It has been over two weeks! I am just hoping that once his brother gets here in 4 week or so he will have completely forgotten the bottle. We are also getting completely different bottles for the new baby.

On that subject I am thinking of going to glass bottle from the reports of Bisphenol-A leaching out of bottle. Any advise or thought on the subject? Send them my way.


  1. That's great news, right before baby brother arrives.

    If I was starting anew, like you, I'd look into the glass bottles. They are breakable, which is tough, but everything I read about plastic worries me.

    (Not that we can completely escape it, but I'm moving towards more glass too.)

  2. Yeah for no more bottles! Just in time, right? Whew!

  3. woo hoo on the bottles!

    I would totally consider glass ... babies aren't really rough with bottles are they?