Sunday, December 23, 2012

Run for My Money

You would think that by the time you got to your third child you would have it down backed.  You've raised 2 others who are still alive and kicking - and driving you nuts - so the third should be a piece of cake.
Well that is a huge myth!  Nothing about my third pregnancy or my third child is anything like the first two.  To start I had more complications during this pregnancy (that is probably due to my advanced maternal age, or as my chart states "elderly multigravida"). On a positive note, I am breastfeeding her more than I was able to with the boys. On a not so positive note, she has a allergy to cow's milk protein.  What does that mean, that means I cannot eat any dairy or soy (40 % of babies with cow milk protein allergy are also allergic to soy).  Since she was only a week old when she started having symptoms we are not even going to try soy until she is at least two months old. Plus since she did not gain any weight I now have to supplement with special formula - which only comes in a small canister.  It's been crazy but she is totally worth it!  Since we started supplementing she has gain weight, so that is good news.  I never had to worry about the boys, they were always in the 90th % for weight, this little one is only in the 50th.  On another positive note, since I can not eat dairy or soy, I will not be indulging in a lot of the holiday treats.  That should be good for my waistline (LOL). 

Of course I've been snapping a few photos.  I can't wait for her to be more awake but for now I love the sleeping baby shots.



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