Friday, November 25, 2011

Mom Moment - "what you are doing matters"

I just had one of those "Mom Moments", you know the ones that melt your heart and tell you what you are doing matters.

Francesco fell earlier today on his bike and hurt his left abdomen by landing on the handle bars, ouch! He will have a bruise and he is sore but otherwise okay, thanks to his helmet. I of course came to his rescue, and did all the things a mom would do, from kissing it, to rubbing it, to just reassuring him he was okay. Then at dinner he complained because his pants were irritating the sore spot. I offered to get his PJ's on after dinner to help with the discomfort . So, once we got his jammies on I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. I then said, "see jammies make it all better!" He says to me, "actually, you make it all better!"

I literally was at a lost for words, and for those of you who know me know that is rare. My mouth dropped, my heart burst and I had that moment. I had that, "what you are doing matters" moment. Loved it!

I had to put this down so as to A) share and B) have it to come back to when I need it (when he is about 15 - LOL).

And, just because a post seems unfinished without a photo, here are my two boys that have taken me on this great adventure of motherhood and I couldn't have asked for any better!


  1. your boys are gonna make wonderful husbands one day! they are so loving and thoughtful! I miss them so much!