Sunday, November 6, 2011

I haven't had the time

I can not even start to tell you all that has been going on and in due time I will (just so you know I am not pregnant). I did however after a long absences take a few photos. It feels like forever since I hit the shutter. I really wish I had more time but I just don't. I miss my blogosphere friends and family. I am also hoping Jessie will understand.
This a a photo I took in the fall a year ago...
this on I took today!
What is it about taking a portrait that does not involve the face that really moves me?
Wow, even in their legs you can see how they have grown.


  1. Those lil legs are getting longer! I know what you mean about no time. But we are here when you can make it back.

  2. Wow -- what a difference! I agree with you about the attractiveness of photos without faces...something so alluring about them!