Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My only girl.

In the midst of all the boys in this house there is one other female that endures it with me.  Pixel, is my sweet Tabby cat that has been through it all.  I usually can't get a shot of her because one of the boys is either in the way, chasing her, letting he out, trying to eat her fur, pulling her tail or giving her the whole jar of treats at once.

We got Pixel before we were married, rescued her from the pound.  She was there because the prior owners dog didn't like her, she had a few battle wounds to prove it.  We decided to call her pixel because she was small and it had a little techie ring to it (DH is a computer geek).  The years go by and she hasn't gotten much bigger than say 7-8 pounds, so the name Pixel really is appropriate.  

She has been through it all with us.  She had to shack up at my SIL's while we were in the midst of a 6 month limbo between our old house and new house.  She wasn't to fond of the big Tom Cat they had and spent a lot of time hiding.  Now she has two little boys to deal with and on occasion get left outside during the day (note to self, don't teach your 2 year old to let the cat in, he now lets her out too).

Today I was messing with my camera and no one else was around, Pixel decided to come over and check out what I was doing. I decided to snap a few shots and share.

She is a great cat and my only girl!


  1. She is a beautiful cat - and I'm glad you have at least one other girl around. ;o) Love the name Pixel, too!

  2. Pixel! How sweet and she is beautiful! We have 2 kittys that were are babies until our BABIES came along. I have soooo many photos of them back in the day...and not a one recently.

    I'm going to go try to catch one or two of them! :-) Have a great Thanksgiving, Cara!

  3. beautiful cat! We have two cats and a dog...all male....sigh.