Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kids Were Here {3}

The story: Francesco tells me that the older kids as camp won't let him touch their Bakugan cards. I tell him, if he is good I will get him his own pack. He holds up his end of the deal and we go in search of these cards. Unfortunately we can't find them, what we do find is a Rubik's Cube (do you remember those?). So, he decides instead he needs the cube more than the cards and I agreed. Of course Nicolo then "needed" more matchbox cars, since we really don't have enough already. They both took their new loot to bed that night and then to breakfast the next morning.

New loot and the book: 7/20/2011

The other part of the story is the book. It's one of those books with great pictures and not a lot of words. The kind that you have to tell the story about what is going on from the picture. They were eating breakfast with their new toys and going back and forth telling each other what was going on in the picture. It was a moment you want to last forever but can't.

They then had to get up to get dressed for school and the scene was frozen in time till them came back. It screamed "take my picture" to me, so I did.


  1. Great photo, and the story that goes with it. We need to remember those moments.

  2. Cara, thanks for today's visit and lovely comment. I'm glad I found your blog. Your photos and stories are fantastic. I look forward to following along.

    Happy weekend to you!

  3. I am so enjoying your 52 weeks of photo prompts. I have been so lacking in the taking photos area, I need to do better, the kids, the world they change everyday!

  4. Hi Cara
    I got your postcard from Kat's postcard swap. Beautiful photo. Come over to my blog to see

  5. Hello Cara

    I just received your postcard from Kat Sloma (Liberate Your Art project). It is the photo of the rose and carries the quote: "Where flowers bloom so does hope." (Lady Bird Johnson). It was good to receive the beautiful image and to 'connect'. Ann Isik