Thursday, September 9, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Play

Jen and I lost track of time this week and decided on a theme on Tuesday (LOL). We went with "play" which seem appropriate since we are normally surrounded by our kids. I like the theme because I knew I had captured a few play shot from the weekend (is that cheating?).

I was really surprised how great these shots go together. They just scream play to me. I love the angle of Jen's and how she caught the ball and the tee as they fell. Mine is of my niece and nephew playing in the yard at their house. I like the expression on their faces and the light at that time of day.

If you want to play head on over:

Hosted by Megan and Hip Momma


  1. I love how these go together too. The lighting is just perfect. I also love that they are both smiling. Such a happy shot.

  2. I am totally digging the processing on yours! I love that it isn't all posed too. They really look like they are having fun. Jen's shot is cool. He knocked that tee right over and the concentration - fun! Great week mama!