Thursday, February 28, 2008

He Speaks

I thought it would never happen but I am positive now he can talk.

For the longest time I would hear kids his age say “Hi”, “Bye”, “shoe”, “more”, “ank ew” (Thank You). All Bubbie would say is “Abba, dabba, dinky, dabba, cachew, cachew.” He would babble on and on and narrate books. I could tell he was counting when he would point and say “Da, Da, Do, Di”. As much as I tried I could not get him to say a real word.

I brought this up to the doctor at both his 15 and 18 month well visits. They say as long as he understands and is babbling to give him time. Most boys go through a language explosion 18-20 months.

So I wait and I talk and I sing. Still, no real words were coming out. I worried because by this age my nephew was naming everything that crossed his path and even knew the names of all his family members. I am not even sure if Bubbie is saying Mama for me or just part of his babble repertoire.

So, 4 days ago we were reading his Rocket Counting Book. At he end of the book is a countdown from ten and when you turn the page it say “Blast Off!’ with a picture of a Rocket taking off. We get to the end of the book, do the countdown and when he turn the page he blurts out “Tast Toff”.

I almost fell over. I said “Blast Off” and he repeated “Tast Toff”. I wanted to cry.

Since then we have noticed other distinct word (articulation not on target but they are definite words for specific things). He has also pick up a few words in Italian.

So we now have:
“Tast Toff” = Blast Off
“Erkle”= Circle
“Asheto” = Bacetto (kiss in Italian)
“Daa”= qua (here in Italian)

And of course we have the ever popular: “no,no,no,no!” = NO


  1. What wonderful news. I think you were wise, bringing it up like you did.

    Boys are such fragile creatures, when it comes to development. Just ask our former speech therapist and special ed experts...


    Good job Bubbie.

  2. w00t! Now he is going to be non-stop!